African Entrepreneur working on a podcast.


African Entrepreneur posing with a hard hat.

Africa hosts some of the world’s fastest-growing economies. The Lucas-Kennedy Foundation’s African technical and executive assistance program recruits and deploys technical and executive expertise from the African Diaspora. Experts provide short-term assistance to business, industrial, educational, and governmental development efforts on the African continent.

Experts are recruited among those having the time (typically retired or on sabbatical from their ongoing ventures), the willingness, and passion to spend up to three months in Africa helping to address those gaps. Many members of our board have expertise in this area and will take the lead in cultivating business partnerships in Africa.

African Entrepreneurship

A new generation of African entrepreneurs is searching for ways to expand into the global marketplace. The foundation facilitates cooperation and deal-making between business innovators and leaders. The foundation identifies innovative projects from up-and-coming African-based entrepreneurs and matches them with experts that can help fill gaps in knowledge around best practices as well as technical expertise and offer technical assistance.