Core programs

The Lucas-Kennedy Foundation’s mission is to empower dynamic and diverse generations of motivated leaders working for sustainable global and African development partnerships through learning, commerce, and diplomacy.

The Lucas-Kennedy Foundation embraces three major program priorities. By focusing the Foundation’s efforts on these three core programs, we aim to foster learning, commerce, and partnerships with African nations and those in the African Diaspora. In this way, we hope to contribute to global peace and African development.

Strategic Partners in Commerce and Entreprenuership

In coordination with in-country and Diaspora-based private sector entities, the Lucas-Kennedy Foundation works with strategic partnerships to assist African women entrepreneurs with opportunities and prospects.

Mother next to her son working on African Development

Scholarships And Internships

C. Payne Lucas and Dr. Joseph Kennedy, the founders of Africare, launched a thousand ships: African American and African young professionals into careers in international development. To honor and celebrate this legacy, the Lucas-Kennedy Global Development Scholarship supports young Diaspora professionals to pursue academic training and practical work experience for international careers.

Smiling student on scholarship for African Development

African Technical and Executive Assistance

The Foundation’s technical and executive assistance program recruits and deploys technical and executive expertise from the African Diaspora. Experts provide short-term assistance with African development efforts around the areas of business, industry, education, and government.

Man teaching African Development class.