African Women Entrepreneurs - Assistance and Partnership

Some progress has been made over several decades in assisting African women entrepreneurs in Sub-Saharan Africa. Despite this, women continue to face many challenges that limit further growth. In Africa, women remain on the frontline of maintaining the continuity and viability of the home, the community, and the nation.

Strategic Partners in Commerce and Entrepreneurship: SPICE

In recognition of the critical role of women and the lack of support for women in entrepreneurial pursuits, the Lucas-Kennedy Foundation created the SPICE Program.

The Lucas-Kennedy Foundation works to assist African women entrepreneurs with opportunities and prospects. Through strategic partnerships with in-country and Diaspora-based private sector entities, some of this assistance includes:

  • Venture capital/private equity
  • Business advisory and technical assistance services
  • Capacity building/business training
  • Mentorships
  • Coordination of self-help investment partners

In addition, SPICE supports innovation-driven African women entrepreneurs. This is especially true in tech-enabled service & business operations such as light manufacturing, telecom, ag-tech, fin-tech, datacom, and IT.